About This Project

This house had been rented for some years to a family before its owners decided to extend and alter the property for themselves.

The original internal arrangement was poor with a dining room (see double doors) barely wide enough to fit a table into it. The bold step was taken to make the ground floor open plan and convert the garage into a study area as part of the space.

Images show views through the former garage and into the hall and stairs. The new brick pier in the centre, supports a steel, supporting the floor joists.

The staircase was removed and replaced with a new one positioned 18″ (450mm) further towards the rear of the house to remove and bulkhead in the bathroom over.

The same view, with decoration in progress, of the kitchen through an opening to the left and an alcove for a new Firebelly woodburner on the right.

Positioned on a corner, the boundary wall was unstable and was pulled down – the photo shows the garden halfway through the project.

Before and after shots of the rear of the house. The kitchen was retained in the former flat roof extension to which we removed the fascia and raised the parapet to improve the appearance.

All of the windows were replaced with new timber units and the sliding doorset was made by Philips of Ashbourne. The extension on the rear of the house features an opening of 4.8M wide, which can be fully revealed through the opening of the sliding/folding doors.